Research to Go LLC provides a range of research services designed to fit the needs of small business, non-profits, and government entities.

Services include research and survey design all the way through the creation and presentation of reports. Research to Go understands the challenges of research, from start to finish. With an understanding that the needs of organizations are varied and one size does not fit all, Research to Go can work within organizations’ time and budget constraints to help meet their research goals.

Services include…

  • Research Design
  • Survey Design and Fielding
  • Research Analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • Training
  • Data Mining

Research Design

Research to Go can start you off with a good foundation for your research. We can help you design your research based on the purpose of the project. All of our research is custom designed to our clients’ needs

Survey Design and Fielding

Research to Go can design your survey for you for distribution on the Internet or via paper. We can even assist you in distributing your survey using the samples you provide.

Research Analysis

Research to Go can take your data and turn it into a usable format. We can analyze your existing data and pull out the salient points. Then we can present it to you in tables, graphs, or bullet points, or some combination of the three. You will be able to easily insert our research into your documents.


Research to Go will help your organization determine the benchmarks that best fit your needs. This starts with determining the most integral areas to measure over time. Once we establish with you the best data to collect, we will set up a measurement program for you. We can turn this program over to you at the end for you to replicate each year or we can assist you every year.


Research to Go can provide training to organizations as well as individuals in the use of human capital benchmarks, general research, as well as the use of data.

Data Mining

Research to Go is experienced in finding information for organizations. We have worked on mining Federal data (i.e., Census Bureau, Department of Health and Human Services, Bureau of Labor Statistics, and Department of Education) as well as locating data in the human resources field. We challenge you to test us. If the information exists, we can find it!

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